(6 - 12 Months)
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Baby’s First
Solid Adventure
Starting baby on solids too early or late will have a negative effect on his intake of nutrients and his growth. Six months is just the right age for baby's first solids and you will have a successful transition, especially if you take note of the following …
• Signs that baby is ready for solids.
• Choosing suitable first foods.
• Continuing to breastfeed on demand
The Right Foods for Baby
Is baby getting enough nutrients? How do you prevent him from choking on solids? These tips will ensure that baby stays safe, healthy and happy during his new adventure with solids…
• Give baby the right amount and types of foods.
• Prepare the right texture and consistency of food for baby, as he grows.
• Make sure baby's food is prepared safely and hygienically.
Beware of Food Allergies
When Feeding Baby
1 in 3 Malaysians suffer from some form of allergy. In 60% of these cases, allergies show themselves during the first year of life. In Asia, the foods that are most commonly cause allergic reactions are eggs and cow’s milk, followed by seafood (fish and shellfish). If you have a family history of food allergy, you should be cautious when feeding baby certain types of food.
What you need to know:

• Signs and symptoms
• How to prevent allergic reactions

Knowing Baby’s
Eating Patterns
Giving baby too much or too little to eat can cause nutritional problems, and you can avoid this as well as ensure that mealtimes are happy times, by being aware of baby's hunger and full cues. Furthermore, baby might also refuse certain new foods, and gag during or spit up after feeds. All these problems are common and learning what to do can help you cope with minimum fuss.
Feeding a Sick Baby
When baby is sick, it's important that you continue to feed him to ensure he gets enough nutrients to help him get well. But how much should you give him? Are there foods you should avoid? How do you deal with baby's feeds when he has the following …
• Constipation
• Diarrhoea & Vomiting
• Fever & Flu
Over time, some myths have developed about solid foods for baby. For example, you may have heard that …
• Solids help baby sleep longer.
• Bigger babies should start solids earlier.
• At 6 months, baby needs formula in addition to breast milk.
• You should keep baby away from foods that cause allergic reactions.
• Babies should only drink juice made by baby food companies.
What should you believe?