(1 - 2 Years)
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Giving Your Toddler
A Healthy Start
At 1, your toddler should eat the same foods enjoyed by the rest of the family. Starting him off on a healthy diet, helps ensure he continues to have healthy eating habits. Meanwhile, do continue breastfeeding until baby turns 2.
Developing Good
Eating Habits in Toddlers
Get your toddler involved in grocery shopping and simple food preparation. Then let him join in family mealtimes and encourage him to feed himself. Eating at the dining table and with adults and other children will go a long way in teaching him good table manners and social skills.
Choosing Healthier Foods
in The Market
Learning how to read food labels can help you choose healthier food products in the market for your toddler and other family members.
You may have heard that …
• Toddlers should no longer breastfeed.
• If a toddler rejects a type of food, stop offering it.
• Toddlers must finish everything on their plates.
• Toddlers may be put on a low fat diet.
• Sweets may be used to reward toddlers.
• A toddler's diet will affect his health as an adult.
Separating the facts from the myths will help you provide your toddler with the nutrients he needs to develop normally and healthily.