(During Pregnancy)
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The Wonders of
Mummy's Milk
Breast milk is a nutritious and natural food that offers amazing benefits to babies and ensures their healthy development. Breastfeeding is also good for mums in a number of ways, including getting back in shape quickly, reduced risk of breast and ovarian cancer and the greatest way to bond with your baby!
Baby Steps to
Successful Breastfeeding
Mums should begin preparing to breastfeed when pregnant. There are many ways to get ready, including signing up for antenatal classes, and learning the proper breastfeeding techniques and positions.

Breastfeeding accessories like breast pads, breast pumps and nursing bras can also be purchased after your second trimester.

Baby’s First Feeds
Breast milk contains antibodies that
help protect babies from infection
Therefore, it's best to start breastfeeding within the first hour of a baby's life. Mums who are breastfeeding for the first time may find initial feeds challenging, and knowing what to expect will help make the experience a happy and enriching one.
Help is around the corner!
Mummies, you are not alone, help is here. There are professionals whose job is to support you in your breastfeeding journey, so feel free to contact them without hesitation.
ladydoctorFor Professional Support
Doctor,nurse, lactation consultant, government clinics,
breastfeeding NGOs and mother support groups
familyFor Emotional Support
Husband, family members and friends
Doubts & Concerns
It’s natural to have concerns if you’re breastfeeding for the first time. You may worry about…
• Pain when breastfeeding.
• Having enough milk.
• Breastfeeding after a C-section.
• Breastfeeding causing sagging breasts.
• Small breasts producing less milk.