Feeding with Confidence

Mealtimes with your toddler can be challenging, but with the right feeding utensils, bowls and plates, you can make mealtimes a lot for fun for your toddler – and a lot less mess for you.


How to pick the right feeding utensils for your toddler

  • Choose spoons and forks with chunky handles and rubber grips. They are easier for your toddler to grip.
  • Pick right-sized utensils. Many utensils have an age suggestion on the label, so pick the ones that are just right for your toddler.


5 things to look out for in your toddler’s plates and bowls




  • Anti-slip base or suction cups at the base. They prevent bowls and plates from being upended.
  • Attractive illustrations such as cartoon characters and other fun designs. You can use these illustrations to spin stories that would encourage your toddler to pay attention during mealtimes. You can also use them for educational story-telling sessions.
  • Compartments in plates. Some children refuse to eat when different foods get mixed up, so compartments are useful to keep everything separated.
  • BPA-free. Check labels to ensure that the bowls and plates are free from this harmful compound.
  • Suitable for microwave use. This is useful when you need to quickly heat up your kid’s meal.